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Dash Cam of the Week: No harm, no foul

Dash Cam of the Week: No harm, no foul

The difference between a horrible disaster and a harmless but unforgettable learning experience is about this much, as this Dash Cam of the Week demonstrates.

According to the report from, the Lufkin (Texas) P.D. was looking for the driver of the tractor/drop-deck trailer shown in the video below. The police officers were on the scene assisting a ditched motorist when the 18-wheeler came over a hill and through the piney woods “at an apparent high rate of speed.”

The trucker did not stop, but he was later identified—and he apologized “repeatedly.”

“The driver said he did not see the men hit the woods or he would have stopped to check on them,” the post said. “He is not being cited for failure to control speed. The men all agreed that this has been a learning experience and they’re thankful no one was injured.”


Two words: “brake maintenance.” Or “driver training.”

How ’bout “lucky day” and “thank God!”

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