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Dash Cam of the Week:  'incredible near miss'

Dash Cam of the Week: 'incredible near miss'

This clip from Down Under caught our attention because of its uncanny and incredible similarity to a Dash Cam of the Week from January. 

As in the East Texas “no harm, no foul” incident, here we have vehicles stopped along a narrow, curving road through a densely forested area—meaning no visibility as to the conditions ahead. In this case, a tree trunk has fallen across the highway, and a woman hits it with her sedan. She stops and a passing trucker pulls over to check on her.

They’re discussing the situation when another big rig comes rumbling around the bend. Three people are suddenly terrified.

The YouTube post on the Dash Cam Owners Australia channel indicates the woman escaped both scares without injury, although we’d bet that a change of knickers was in order. 

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