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Dash Cam of the Week: An ill wind ABC News / YouTube

Dash Cam of the Week: An ill wind

The say it’s an ill will that blows nobody any good. We’re not sure that anyone benefitted from this waterspout, unless it was maybe the truck driver whose rig got knocked down, then turned right side up again. Or perhaps some of folks who didn’t really want that mail that was scattered across Florida when trailer was ripped open.

He was “shaken, but miraculously alive,” according to the ABC News report.

“I’ve never been to hell, but I thought I was in hell,” trucker Randall Leaver said.

Pro tip from the weather lady: Move at a 90 degree from the water spout to avoid it.

Good luck trying to explain that one to the trooper when you’re rig is safely out in of the middle of a field somewhere. “I was dodging a water spout, honest.”

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