Dash Cam of the Week: Dump truck double header

Dash Cam of the Week: Dump truck double header

How about, with Thanksgiving coming up, we highlight a couple of clips of incidents that might have ended badly, but didn’t?

In fact, despite some dubious decisions that led to potential problems, everyone continues on their respective ways a little wiser, we’d imagine. And thankful.

Very thankful, indeed, in the case of the motorcyclist who gets an entirely too close a look at the dump truck whose driver, pulling onto the two-lane highway, obviously didn’t see the biker coming.

Helmets off to both: To the motorcyclist for his skill in avoiding a collision where the laws of physics weren’t in his favor—and then for keeping his cool. And to the dump truck driver who had the common decency to pull over and speak to his near victim.

In this one, the driver of a tractor pulling an end-dump trailer decides to turn around rather than continue down a narrow, dirt track in the middle of nowhere. Yes, those are the trailers wheels hanging over the roadside ditch. (The real question is: Why was someone standing there to record this?)

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