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Dash cam of the week: Brake check?

Dash cam of the week: Brake check?

Dump truck plus downhill grade is a risky formula

The point of the Dash Cam of the Week series is to offer little reminders of what can go wrong if we’re not careful out there. The lesson this week is obvious: check those brakes, especially if you’re driving a dump truck and are about to roll down a long, winding road with a stoplight at the bottom of the hill. And, if there’s an alternate route, you might want to take it.

Also, if you’re driving a small sedan stopped at the light at the bottom of the hill, keep an eye on the rear-view mirror.

Otherwise, the miraculous takeaway from this this clip is “non-life threatening injuries.”

We’re posting the longer version of this dash cam to provide some context; specifically, we see the truck pulling over before tackling what turns out to be a long descent. (And, apparently, this is a notorious downgrade in Austin, Texas.) The minute or so drive down is pleasant enough, especially if you like those learn-in-your-car language lessons. (Otherwise, jump ahead to 1:45.)

According to the report from Austin’s KXAN, the truck’s owner says “he personally checks the truck’s lights, brakes, water and oil–as he does every week.” Maybe the angle’s bad, but are the right-side brake lights working at the top of hill? 

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