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Volvo Trucks is offering a flexible, ergonomic driver workstation for VNL 740 and 760 and VNX 740 tractors. Volvo Trucks North America
Optional ergonomically advanced workstation aimed at long-haul drivers for the VNL 740 and 760 and VNX 740 tractors.

Volvo offers convertible driver workstation on VNL, VNX trucks

More advanced, clever interior designs continue to filter into the truck cabin as vehicle manufacturers put their focus and resources into "driver-centric" trucks that drivers will prefer. Volvo Trucks North America has the latest with an ergonomically advanced workstation aimed at long-haul drivers for the VNL 740 and 760 and VNX 740 tractors.

The optional workstation, now available for order, offers a flexible living environment designed to improve driver productivity, comfort and overall convenience, according to the OEM.

The new workstation:  

—Offers a sitting area and table for relaxing, eating and doing work;  

—Lowers and transforms as a base for seating cushions that unfold into a bed;

—Features an angled table for easier access to seating;

—Has a 103-degree cushion seat angle to improve seating comfort; and

—Includes connected cushions that can be secured to rest on.

Volvo Trucks North America

Volvo's optional driver workstation is designed to offer a comfortable, productive work space and converts to a base for a bed.


More from Volvo: 

The workstation is a prominent feature in the cab, giving drivers flexibility to personalize their living space while on the road. With various configuration possibilities, solo drivers may prefer to leave the table set up and sleep in the top bunk, while team drivers may choose to collapse the table for access to both bunk beds. The workstation also allows space for storage inside the bottom bunk bases.

Images: VTNA

From left: Volvo VNL 740, VNL 760 and VNX 740.


A similar workstation option was popular with drivers on the previous VNL 670 model, VTNA noted, and has been shown to help boost resale value.

Best for: Owner-operators and fleet drivers used to being out on the road for extended periods of time. 

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