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TruNorth to offer all-inclusive truck warranties

Firm says new packages will be comparable to OEM-provided coverage

Aftermarket provider TruNorth Warranty Programs of North America is introducing what it calls an “all-inclusive” original equipment manufacturer (OEM) comparable coverage package this month for commercial vehicles.

Dubbed “OEM2,” the new warranty package includes coverage for major truck components and systems such as:

  • Engine, transmission, differentials, aftertreatment system, turbochargers and fuel systems
  • Engine electronics and wiring systems
  • Compressors, head gaskets, and radiators

“This is a big step for the transportation industry,” said John Gates, TruNorth’s senior vice president, in a statement. “Until now, no one has been willing to explore ways to transfer this level of risk away from the customer in a manner that still makes good economic sense for the business. OEM2 is simply another step in … offering the most competitive advantage for our retailers, finance companies, auction marketplaces and their customers.”

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