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Shell's Starship Project truck on display at the TMC annual meeting. (Photo: Neil Abt/Fleet Owner)

Shell unveils Starship Project truck

Company officials stress focus on freight-ton efficiency, plans nationwide tour of aerodynamic Class 8 truck.

ATLANTA. Shell unveiled its Starship Project truck that company executives said uses currently available technologies to minimize the amount of energy required to transport freight.

The Class 8 truck, built in conjunction with AirFlow Truck Co., was on display in the exhibit hall at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting.

The aerodynamic tractor is made of carbon fiber, and features a wrap-around windshield designed specifically for the truck. The trailer includes side skirts to reduce drag and a 5,000-watt solar array on top of the trailer.

The truck is powered by a 2017 Cummins X15 engine with Shell Rotella T6 Ultra 5W-30, a low viscosity FA-4 oil. It also features a suite of safety technologies including stability control and disc brakes.


The Starship is made of carbon fiber, and features a wrap-around windshield designed specifically for the truck. (Photo: Neil Abt/Fleet Owner)

Dan Arcy, OEM technical manager at Shell Global Solutions, said the company believes freight-ton efficiency is a better measurement than miles per gallon when factoring in total energy usage by trucks. That figure better accounts for carrying heavier loads with the same amount of fuel, he said.

Arcy and Megan Pino, global brand manager for Shell Rotella, said the Starship Project is critical because energy production and energy security will continue to be challenges as the global population grows, especially in urban areas. Freight transportation is responsible for about 35% of total energy usage.  

“The transportation industry is constantly changing, and our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation by collaborating with companies like AirFlow and others to develop creative solutions that provide benefits for years to come,” said Bob Mainwaring, technology manager for innovation at Shell Lubricants.

The Starship Project will undertake a cross-country run in May that will begin in California and end in Florida carrying a real load of cargo, with efficiency results being verified along the way by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE). Prior to that run it will also be on display at various trucking and company events.

The truck was driven to Atlanta from South Carolina.


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