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Pirelli H89 Photo: Pirelli

New Pirelli-branded truck and trailer tires officially unveiled

Company says its new tires are axle-specific and designed for both long-haul and regional operators.

ATLANTA. Prometeon Tyre Group’s U.S. subsidiary, formerly known as Pirelli Industrial, officially launched its new H89 Series of truck and trailer tires here at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) 2018 annual meeting.

The Pirelli-branded H89 series includes dedicated tires for steer, drive, and trailer axles designed to provide long mileage, good traction and road handling in all conditions, even on wet roads, the company said – adding that they are also tailored for both long-haul and regional operations in the U.S. and Canada.

This is the latest collaborative result of the company’s research and development centers in Milan, Italy, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new H89 series includes new features such as Pirelli’s patented Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck (SATTTM) to help extend service life and improve retreadability and a patented dual layer tread compound technology (DLTC) with high silica content formulation to ensure low-heat generation and reduced rolling resistance, thus enhancing fuel efficiency and tread life. The bead wrapped chafer (BWC) and fully rubberized cords (FRC) of the belts also ensure casing resistance, the firm noted.

The new line includes different tread patterns, specifically designed for each fitment axle: H89 All position, H89 Drive and H89 Trailer in the most popular sizes of the U.S. market – 11R 22.5, 11 R 24.5 and 295/75 R 22.5.

The all position tires benefit from patented “RSR” technology, which includes a shoulder tread “contour” optimizing the footprint contact pressure and more even wear in the shoulder area.

Pirelli added that the entire series in sizes 295/75 R 22.5 is EPA SmartWay verified and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant.

 The company added that its entire truck and trailer tire line will become “progressively available” during this year.

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