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Price Digests unified web app
Price Digests' new unified web platform allows access to valuation, specs, and more on equipment ranging from commercial trucks and trailers to motorcycles and RVs.

New online pricing, specs app for vehicles, equipment covers just about everything

Fleet purchasers and finance professionals, insurers, dealers and others who need access to vehicle and equipment values have an effectively all-inclusive new tool available: Price Digests' unified web app, launched after more than a year of database integration efforts.

The app allows users to get info like MSRP, retail, wholesale, and trade-in values and view specs and the costs of options and configurations for vehicles and equipment ranging from a 2018 Freightliner Cascadia to a 2013 Ford F-250 4x4 with a 6.2L V8 to a 2016 Husqvarna MZ 54S riding mower.

It's the culmination of an effort that began in early 2017 to pull together Price Digests' wide range of specs and market information, explained Sam Giffin, director of business insights at Price Digests. The platform consolidates and improves the functionality of multiple websites, combining Truck Blue Book, Auto Red Book, Powersport Blue Book, ABOS Marine Blue Book, Recreational Vehicle Blue Book, and Grounds Maintenance Blue Book.

As a result, the new unified solution "allows you to move seamlessly between a heavy-duty truck and a chainsaw—to move seamlessly between a motorcycle and a sterndrive boat," Giffin noted.

The tool can also decode vehicle identification numbers (VINs). Commercial trucks are a particular area of expertise for Price Digests, which boasts the highest truck VIN hit rate in the industry with over 99% coverage. And it's the only professional service available that can decode commercial trailer VINs, according to the company.

Of note for fleets and truck buyers, Price Digests claims to be the only service that can price a truck "as it sits on the road" because its valuations can be customized beyond the cab and chassis to additionally include the relevant truck body.

"Price Digests customers now have all of their specification and market valuation needs solved in one place," said Dan Smith, managing director of Price Digests. "We consolidated our tech stack from having individual websites to a singular tech stack for ease of customer use." 

The app is available at and offers one-time use and subscription-based access.


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