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dump rollover

Dash Cam of the Week: This truck driver walked away

A typical Dash Cam of the Week offers the view of a trucking incident from a trailing vehicle, but this recent clip provides an in-cab look at catastrophe. The great news, as you’ll see, is the truck driver walks away.

The scary part is this happens on a clear, dry day on I-95 in Pennsylvania. And if you’ve seen enough of these videos, you’re probably expecting one of the merging  4-wheelers to do something stupid—but they’re all behaving themselves.

Indeed, everything’s fine and dandy until the truck hits a rough patch at a bridge seam, then chaos. In a news report featuring photos taken by the owner-op, the rear-most axle has separated from the drivetrain. The trucker declined to speculate on what happened, saying that would be left up to the insurance adjuster. He did mention the dump truck had recently been in the shop.

Buckle up, driver. (And, please, no Edgar Winter comments—it wasn't the song's fault.)

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