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FMCSA crash data

Charting the Data: Large Truck Crash Facts

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s annual report tracking large truck crash data provides a wide array of highway accident statistics. But the report, Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2014, contains so many numbers it can be confounding.

So, ahead of any analysis which might shed some light on the “whys” behind the data (such as assessing the impact of CSA since 2010), American Trucker has selected a representative sample of the “who, what, and when” numbers and converted the tables into charts.

Among the noteworthy comparisons, while truck-related fatalities are down, injuries are way up. Not surprisingly, most fatal truck crashes occur between 6AM and 6PM. And the data continues to indicate that the “other vehicle” is most often at fault in these truck crashes.

The charts are interactive, so use the cursor to get more detailed information.

See something that catches your eye? Have a theory that explains the trends? Leave a comment.


Fatal Crashes Involving Large Trucks or Buses

Total Fatalities in Large Truck Crashes

Fatal Crashes Involving Combination Trucks

Injury Crashes Involving Large Trucks

Fatal Truck Crashes by Speed Limit

Fatal Crashes by Roadway Function Class

Fatal Crashes by Time of Day

Fatal Crashes by Day of Week

Fatal Crashes by Trafficway Flow

Large Trucks in Fatal Crashes by Vehicle Configuration

Large Trucks in Fatal Crashes by Cargo Body Type

Large Trucks in Fatal Crashes with Passenger Vehicles by Crash Type

Large Trucks in Fatal Crashes by Critical Precrash Event

Drivers of Large Trucks in Fatal Crashes by Age

Persons Killed in Crashes Involving Large Trucks

Truck Driver-Related Factors and Violations Recorded

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