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RoaDor rebrand to McLaren Doors

McLaren Doors will continue to manufacture roll-up doors under the new brand.

RoaDor has rebranded to McLaren Doors. The comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus of the company change in ownership and the increasing focus on digital marketing which includes the new logo, website, social media platforms and brand positioning.

“Since taking over RoaDor in 2013, our team of engineers have been working diligently; reviewing and refining the design to bring it to the level and standards that we operate with at Almac Industrial Systems,” stated Stewart McLaren, president of McLaren Doors and Almac Industrial Systems. “Now that we have reached that goal, our brand identity should reflect these achievements.” 

After purchasing the company in 2013, McLaren changed the direction of the company and began focusing on enhancing the products and services aspect of the business. McLaren Doors remains committed to the future expansion and development of the product lines it offers.

Having extensive knowledge in the material handling industry, McLaren was able to visualize key areas within the company that required further development. Working hand in hand with his engineering team, McLaren began making several changes, both small and large.

After 5 years of revisions, modifications and testing, McLaren was ready to bring the reinvented company back to the market and has applied his family name to represent the quality and workmanship that his ownership has provided.

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