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Zonar Connect Photo: Zonar

Zonar wraps up “successful” ELD data transfer testing

Company says electronic log information successfully transmitted between ELD device and safety official’s laptop.

Zonar Systems said it recently wrapped up a series of successful “end-to-end” data transfer tests between its electronic logging device (ELD), known as “Zonar Logs” and an authorized safety official's laptop computer.

Zonar said the successful tests – conducted on December 5 during an “ELD Data Transfer Demo Training” exercise held at a weigh station along I-95 in Dumfries, VA – proved that its device meets the ELD mandate’s requirement that drivers to be able to transmit log data electronically to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s [FMCSA] ELD monitoring software or “eRODS.”

That software is what state and federal law enforcement officials will use when conducting during roadside inspections, Zonar added

The company said its was able to transfer eight days of electronic logs successfully from its ELD to the roadside inspector while at the roadside, with the data populating automatically in its monitoring system.

“With this successful end-to-end testing conducted with federal regulators and a staff of compliance experts available, our customers and prospects can select our ELD solution with the utmost confidence,” noted Fred Fakkema, Zonar’s vice president of compliance, in a statement.


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