Trucker app adds new parking availability feature

Trucker app adds new parking availability feature

Trucker Path, a peer-to-peer application, has launched a new feature enabling truckers to see parking availability in locations across the country. 

“By using the Trucker Path app, truckers can not only locate parking in their vicinity, but also determine, in many cases, whether those parking spaces are available,” said Ivan Tsybaev, CEO of Trucker Path. “Finding parking will become far less stressful for drivers since they will be able to find opportunities faster and easier using Trucker Path’s unique crowd-sourcing capabilities.”

The standard Trucker Path application is free and available on Android or iOS-based smartphones and tablets. It provides drivers a trip planner to plan a route and check detailed information about truck-friendly points-of-interest along the way. This includes hotels or motels, weigh stations, truck stops, truck washes, restaurants and rest areas.

Drivers can read what their peers say about the locations and how they rate them. All of the information on Trucker Path is constantly verified and updated by Trucker Path’s community of truckers to ensure its accuracy.

“The app’s new parking feature will save truckers and trucking companies a tremendous amount of time, money, and inconvenience,” Tsybaev said. “Our goal is to make truckers’ lives easier with technology, and this truck parking load status feature is a another step towards that.”

According to Tsybaev, Trucker Path’s new parking feature is just one of many reasons why the application’s active user base recently surpassed the 240,000 mark, representing a 33 percent growth in the past month alone. Recently, Trucker Path has been averaging about a 20 percent month-to-month growth rate.

With the Trucker Path mobile, drivers can choose from a list of different points of interest such as major and independent truck stops, truck parking, rest areas, open/closed weigh stations, scales, truck washes, nearby hotels and restaurants, and more. The application then displays maps showing the location of those points of interest in relation to their trucks. 

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