TomTom’s Hours of Service: electronic log app

​TomTom Telematics has launched its new Hours of Service application, designed to make it easy for any organization to comply with DOT driver log regulations, and to better plan dispatching and routing based on real-time information. Hours of Service works on Android and Apple devices, and is designed to make it easy for drivers to automatically record when they are on duty, driving, or resting.
The app is available for download via iTunes and Google Play. 

TomTom’s WEBFLEET solution integrates the driver’s mobile device with the in-vehicle technology to offer an accurate electronic record of miles driven, time on the road, and progress on the route. 

“While electronic driver logs are becoming more important, the real benefit of the Hours of Service application lies in its impact on planning and business efficiency,” said Matt Gunzenhaeuser, director of sales, TomTom Telematics. “In addition to ensuring companies are in compliance, Hours of Service provides an accurate, real-time view of what is happening on the road so dispatchers can make decisions with accurate information about arrival times and how long things should take. This results in more efficient operations and potential revenue upside.”

When drivers report for duty, they simply indicate their readiness to work on their mobile device, which signals the TomTom Telematics technology in the vehicle that the trip is starting. The in-vehicle device tracks mileage and time driven while the vehicle is in motion. When the driver stops for a mandated rest period, he or she again indicates that via the mobile app.

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