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TAILWIND-DISPATCH-DUAL-SCREENS-WEB-LG.jpg Tailwind Transportation Software

Tailwind Transportation Software integrates with Trucker Tools Smart Capacity

Smart Capacity utilizes predictive freight-matching tools to find and match optimal trucks with loads faster, real-time visibility, up-to-the minute access to reliable truckload capacity while keeping preferred carriers rolling with quality loads.

Trucker Tools LLC, which provides shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching solutions for the transportation industry, announced today that Tailwind Transportation Software, a web-based transportation management software (TMS) provider, has integrated Trucker Tools Smart Capacity into their Pro and Enterprise TMS subscription tiers.

Tailwind Transportation Software deploys a hybrid, web-based TMS platform available by monthly subscription, for both freight brokers and small fleets.

“We focus on the smart and strategic logistics and transportation providers who are rapidly growing and want to accelerate their business through enabling technology,” said Murray Pratt, president and CEO of Tailwind.

Pratt noted that Tailwind chose to partner with Trucker Tools after evaluating several potential technology providers. Registration is available for a webinar titled, “Where the Trucks Are”, that will give a more in-depth explanation of the integration on Tuesday January 8, 2019.

“We are at an intersection of connecting technologies,” Pratt explained. “When we look for innovative technology, we want long-term partners that bring unique solutions to the market that extend the capabilities of our platform, and who are agile and can grow and develop with us. Trucker Tools Smart Capacity delivers on that.”

With Smart Capacity, Tailwind is integrating with a platform that provides highly reliable, timely truckload capacity data combined with predictive freight-matching processes and workflows, capacity management tools, accurate visibility into future available capacity and other broker-carrier collaboration features. It helps Tailwind customers eliminate poor data and reduce wasted effort looking for capacity, compressing the time – and cost – to secure the optimal match of truck to load.

Tailwind Transportation Software

Pratt noted that the benefits for Tailwind customers were in two highly strategic areas.

“Our broker customers can find the right capacity faster. They can be more proactive and efficient, and can anticipate where to spend their time better,” he noted. “And, perhaps most importantly, they can strengthen their carrier partner loyalty by keeping them busy with quality loads and reloads, reducing their downtime.”

Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, stated that Tailwind is the latest of several major TMS providers to integrate with Smart Capacity.

“We are providing workflow functionality, capacity visibility and management tools that help strengthen their product set and extend their capabilities,” Gollapalli noted.

“Once again, our mission is to enable the broker community and their TMS providers with new and effective resources that enhance their value, facilitate productivity and drive revenue growth. We’re pleased to welcome Tailwind to our network as an integration partner.”

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