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EZ ELD Photo: Stoneridge

Stoneridge ELD available at Love’s locations

The ‘EZ-ELD’ can now be purchased at all Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores

By American Trucker staff

An electronic logging device (ELD) developed by Stoneridge dubbed the “EZ-ELD” is now going to be available at all Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores, via a deal worked out between the two companies.

“We provide a one-box, one-flat-rate solution to our customers without a contract and are delighted to be offering that solution through the Love’s

Locations,” noted Stuart Adams, North American aftermarket business unit manager for Stoneridge, in a statement.

He noted that Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores operates a network of more than 430 locations in 41 states.

Adams added that the EZ-ELD includes three interchangeable onboard diagnostic (OBD) connectors, making it easy to switch between vehicles and eliminating the need to buy additional devices or expensive accessories if drivers change or upgrade their trucks.

Additionally, he said the EZ-ELD contains ‘Scan’ and ‘Drive’ technology that allows drivers to quickly pair the device with the Apple iOS or Android app and seamlessly operate between vehicles.

“Drivers simply scan a ‘QR code’ to securely connect the EZ-ELD smartphone app to the device, and they are ready to hit the road,” Adams pointed out.

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