Software includes HOS breaks in route planning

ALK Technologies introduced the latest version of its PC MILER truck routing, mileage and mapping software.

“PC MILER 29 allows for greater comprehensive planning in the back office and provides new tools to enable transportation companies to minimize overall operational costs, such as a new HOS Manager that factors Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours of Service (HOS) regulated breaks directly into the route,” the company said.

With PC MILER’s HOS Manager, mandatory HOS breaks are incorporated during trip planning, allowing transportation companies to clearly understand actual travel times and distance traveled, the company said.

“Access to this more accurate mileage information can significantly improve asset utilization as fleets can more efficiently manage their assets and ensure they’re maximizing revenue per day,” according to the company. “When planning a route, dispatchers can easily identify if a driver will be in violation as well as identify an appropriate stop to break if needed. They can even view a list of amenities located at a stop to assist in choosing the best break location.”

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