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Ranking 5 'disruptive' technologies coming to freight transport

Princeton Consultants CEO Steve Sashihara opened his discussion on emerging technologies by noting that it was only eight years ago that Apple introduced the iPhone.

“Somehow, like a switch going off, Apple changed the world,” Sashihara said, “What technologies are kicking around now, in some kind of a raw form, that eight years from now we’ll say, ‘wow, the whole world changed?’”

The Jan. 29 Stifel conference call, “Digital Disruption in Freight Transportation: The Next 8 Years,” featured a Princeton survey regarding five “leading candidates” to disrupt the way freight is transported. Participants were asked to assess the degree of those technologies’ impact by 2024. The survey also asked which aspects of transportation were most likely to be disrupted by emerging technologies.

The results are summarized in the slides above.

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