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Rand McNally introduces all-in-one device for nav, comms, cam

Rand McNally introduces all-in-one device for nav, comms, cam

Rand McNally has introduced an all-in-one dashboard device that combines truck navigation, an on-board SiriusXM radio, voice assistance, a built-in dash cam, and hands-free calling and texting. The OverDryve 8 Pro, part of Rand McNally’s OverDryve OS Connected Vehicle platform, is also e-log ready.

The device, built specifically for professional drivers, brings together critical driving and business tools, in-cab entertainment, and hands-free safety features. OverDryve 8 Pro is shipping to stores this month and expected on shelf toward the end of the May.

“The OverDryve 8 Pro is quite simply the most robust, driver-focused dashboard device that we’ve ever produced,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “We understand the amount of time professional drivers spend in their trucks so OverDryve 8 Pro brings together not only valuable tools to help get the job done, but also a fully loaded entertainment solution that can be used to watch movies, listen to SiriusXM, access social media, and check email.”

Rand McNally has been serving professional truck drivers for 81 years. More recently, Rand McNally in 2009 debuted the first unit in the line of its #1-selling truck GPS devices; in 2015, the company launched the first-ever tablet-based GPS that married its advanced truck navigation with an Android tablet pre-loaded with trucking applications and access to the Android marketplace.

OverDryve 8 Pro, however, provides a whole new level of features.

With voice assistance, the OverDryve 8 Pro enables drivers to do more hands-free – including texting and calling. All of the audio from OverDryve 8 Pro can be played through a truck cab’s speakers.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in SiriusXM receiver, and customers purchasing the OverDryve 8 Pro can contact SiriusXM to take advantage of the “Never Miss a Beat” offer, which gives them the first three months of SiriusXM’s “All Access” subscription.

OverDryve 8 Pro features:

  • A bright, 8” high-resolution screen that provides access to key items at a glance
  • Rand McNally truck-specific navigation and routing with truck POIs, advanced lane guidance, toll costs, warnings, fuel logs and more
  • Hands-free calling and texting
  • Voice assistance
  • Audible news, weather, traffic, sports and more
  • Music from drivers’ favorite sources
  • A built-in dash camera
  • A clever, easy to install magnetic mount that makes attaching and removing the device a snap
  • A smart “slice” in the mount that provides an additional GPS receiver as well as a built-in SiriusXM radio.

The OverDryve 8 Pro also comes pre-loaded with the Rand McNally DriverConnect logbook app, so the device is ELD-ready. The app can be paired to the company’s ELD 50 and/or its DC 200 plug-in devices to provide a full Electronic Logging solution.

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