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New ELD ‘bundle’ hits the streets

SYNNEX to offer the CalAmp ‘V-Series’ ELD package as a reseller to truckers.

SYNNEX Corporation and telematics provider CalAmp are joining forces to offer the CalAmp V-Series electronic logging device (ELD) “bundle,” which will be available through SYNNEX for truckers to meet the December 18 ELD installation mandate.

“By offering our V-Series bundle through SYNNEX we are able to expand access to our turn-key ELD solution to a broad network of resellers, integrators and fleet managers looking to meet the mandate deadline,” noted Carl Burrow, CalAmp’s senior vice president of global sales, in a statement.

“With SYNNEX’s expertise in IoT [Internet of Things] deployments and post-sale support services, truckers can take advantage of many other ELD benefits beyond mandate compliance, such as workforce optimization, fleet safety and fuel cost reductions,” he explained.

The CalAmp V-Series is an all-in-one, purpose-built offering including hardware, software and support, making it an attractive choice for customers.

The company said its self-installation bundle features a removable tablet, custom designed cradle with embedded telematics and a programmable LED [light emitting diode] malfunction indicator. 

Through SYNNEX, resellers can offer a superior solution free from the connectivity, durability, and battery malfunction problems common to lesser, bring-your-own-device options, CalAmp noted

The form added that its integrated V-Series hardware solution comes preloaded with the certified Pedigree Technologies hours of service (HOS) application and support for resellers or end-users after the sale.

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