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New compact booster pack can jump-start 16L diesel has a new lithium-ion jump-starter pack so powerful, the company says it'll start up to a 16L heavy-duty diesel engine—even with no other batteries attached. Yet the new JumpBooster JP30 has a compact profile around the size of a briefcase and weighs just 11 lbs., about as much as an average house cat.

Dead batteries are typically among the top three repair calls that mobile truck service providers get, often second only to blown tires. This new product could help truck drivers avoid having to make that common call: the JumpBooster JP30 is designed to store and travel easily and will retain the necessary charge for up to a year to jump a 16L diesel that won't crank over, explained Martin Koebler, president of

Koebler is an engineer and scientist who's spent two decades working with lithium-ion battery management and advancing the state of the technology. He founded last year with that knowledge, and the JumpBooster JP30 is one of the first products to come from the effort.

"The main purpose of the JumpBooster JP30 is to jump-start larger diesel engines for heavy-duty or medium-duty trucks," he told American Trucker, but noted the device can be used to jump-start smaller engines as well such as cars, lawn tractors, and ATVs.

The JP30 has built-in overcharging protection, but Koebler said it's best to charge and then unplug/store the device rather than just leaving it plugged in. "The JumpBooster JP30 has very little self-discharge," he emphasized.

He recommended charging the JP30 every six months if it's left unused. Top off the unit to a full charge after it's used to jump-start an engine, Koebler said, to be sure you've got full power available when needed the next time.

The JP30 also has short-circuit, reverse-polarity, and thermal protection and can be charged via an AC outlet or 12V DC cigarette/ accessory plug. It can also provide backup power to charge things like a laptop or phone with two of its own 12V cigarette/accessory ports, two USB ports, and an LED flashlight. 

The JP30 comes with a six-month warranty and is priced at $629 (carrying case and jumper cables included). It can provide up to 5,000 starts over the life of the lithium batteries, according to Details and full specs at  


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