Low cost ELD offered by Magellan

Company adds that it is designed for owner-operators and is priced at $10 per month.

GPS navigation provider Magellan is introducing a $10 per month electronic logging device (ELD) specifically for owner-operators looking for an affordable way to comply before and beyond the December 18 ELD mandate deadline. 

“We created this ELD as an affordable option for independent drivers and smaller owner-operators who want to become compliant but don’t necessarily need all of the robust features of other ELD solutions on the market,” said Mark Perini, vice president of fleet business for Magellan, in a statement.

“We focused this ELD solution around affordability, great value, and a plug and play sensibility,” he added. “We want to help all fleet operators become compliant before the mandate deadline, regardless of the size or complexity of their fleet.”

Perini said the installation proves for Magellan’s ELD is “is fast and easy” by simply plugging in the device’s “dongle” into the J-Bus or OBD II port, and then downloading the ELD hours of service (HOS) application.

He noted that Magellan’s ELD solution offers automated logging tools, reports and alerts to keep drivers on time and in compliance, all at a price independent drivers can afford.

“With Magellan’s ELD solution, drivers are able to easily share their HOS logs with law enforcement straight from their mobile device,” Perini noted. “An HOS management web portal allows for efficient HOS and DVIR reports, while on-device data transfer and co-driver support makes roadside inspections run more smoothly and efficiently. With two weeks of logs saved on device, and up to six months saved in the cloud, drivers never have to worry about losing logs again.”

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