060818-KeepTruckin_Dashcam_ELD_1.jpg Photo: KeepTruckin
KeepTruckin's new Smart Dashcam product shown next to its ELD.

KeepTruckin adds AOBRD feature to ELD hardware

Newest capability grants AOBRD users the ability to choose minimum driving mode speed, company notes.

KeepTruckin announced the release of its AOBRD Vehicle Motion Threshold feature. According to the company, the update gives fleet managers more control over AOBRD compliant vehicles by allowing them to choose the exact speed at which driving time begins recording.

The FMCSA requires that an ELD must create a driving event when a vehicle is traveling at 5 mph or greater; however, the regulation for AOBRDs does not have a defined speed threshold. “KeepTruckin customers can now take advantage of the greater flexibility that the AOBRD regulation affords by selecting any speed between 5 mph and 15 mph to trigger a driving event,” the company noted.

This release of the KeepTruckin AOBRD Vehicle Motion Threshold feature comes after the FMCSA issued updated guidance that allows those who deployed AOBRDs prior to December 2017 to install and use a registered ELD-capable device that runs compliant AOBRD software until December 2019.

KeepTruckin said its platform was designed to support the transition between AOBRD and ELD mode that the FMCSA regulation requires. KeepTruckin customers currently operating in AOBRD mode can switch to ELD mode in December 2019 by simply changing one setting in the KeepTruckin Dashboard - no hardware replacement or software updates required, the company added.

“Our new AOBRD Vehicle Motion Threshold feature is a testament to our continued advocacy on behalf of drivers and carriers,” said Shoaib Makani, co-founder and CEO, KeepTruckin. “We are constantly improving our product to drive safety and efficiency while ensuring compliance with FMCSA regulations.”

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