CumminsFleetGuard Photo: Cummins Filtration

Cummins Filtration rolls out FleetguardFIT

New real-time filtration monitoring system provides truckers with full oil life and filter data via “intelligent sensing” and “advanced data analytics.”

FleetguardFIT is a new real-time management system being introduced by Cummins Filtration that is designed to “proactively monitor” for engine oil and oil filters to help truckers avoid costly downtime plus reduce repair and maintenance costs, all while improving total cost of vehicle ownership metrics.

“FleetguardFIT allows customers to precisely understand the condition of filters and oil based on real-world usage, which is a significant improvement over the current and conventional maintenance schedules that are based only on typical duty cycles,” explained Amy Davis, general manager of Cummins Filtration, which is a wholly owned business unit of engine maker Cummins Inc.

“By knowing exactly what is occurring, customers can use the equipment more efficiently, reduce maintenance costs and ultimately enhance their bottom line,” she said.

The company said FleetguardFIT uses sensors, a control module, and existing telematics services to collect and communicate filter and oil life information via real-time equipment condition reports made available through both a subscription-based web portal and a mobile app.

“The ability to completely monitor filter performance in real time allows equipment owners, maintenance personnel, and users to tailor service intervals based on true equipment usage and remaining oil and filter life,” noted Davis.

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