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Convoy rolls out automatic detention pay feature

Detention is one of the trucking industry’s biggest pain points – for carriers and shippers alike. And with recent capacity constraints and the official enforcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, many truckers worry they won’t be adequately compensated for their time.

That’s where Convoy comes in. Coming on the heels of the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), Convoy just rolled out an automated detention solution within its freight-matching app to help address the industry’s detention problems.

Convoy’s Automated Detention feature calculates the time a truck has been at a facility, and if the driver has been detained by more than two hours, that driver can request detention directly in the Convoy freight-matching app. In addition, the app will instantly confirm detention eligibility, and the driver will be compensated when he or she completes the job.

“Drivers are really worried about trust and transparency,” explained Kristen Forecki, vice president of carrier engagement and expansion at Convoy. “If you end up having to wait at a facility, we want you to know that you will be fairly compensated for that time.”

Convoy's Automated Detention feature allows drivers to request detention pay from within the Convoy app.

When drivers wait more than two hours for one stop, Convoy will initially charge the shipper. But if the shipper doesn’t pay, Convoy will pay the carrier, Forecki noted.

Convoy is also working with the shippers who use its system by showing them where inefficiencies may lie. “We can show them driver ratings as well,” Forecki added. “We can also show them how their facility compares to their competitors in the same area.”

“We’re helping show the shippers how to make their facilities more efficient and to get them more capacity and better prices and then make the experience better for carriers as well,” she pointed out.

New features and partnerships

In addition to Automated Detention, Convoy has released Request a Load and Suggested Reload features within its app.

Request A Load was developed to help owner-operators plan ahead and keep their trucks full. Instead of searching for a return trip from a job, dispatchers using Request A Load can tell Convoy when and where their trucks will be empty or where they want to go directly into the app. Then the app will send matching loads the instant they become available.

With Suggested Reloads, carriers can minimize empty miles and wasted time, the company noted. When carriers look at jobs in the app, Convoy suggests recommended reloads near their drop-off location that they can book instantly, allowing them to plan and avoid driving an empty truck.

The company also announced coming upon its third-year anniversary, that it has expanded its national footprint, evolving from west coast shipments to a fully national operation.

In addition, Convoy announced a partnership with Goodyear to provide preferred pricing and roadside tire assistance to all Convoy carriers.

When using preferred pricing for tires, users can show the Convoy mobile app to a salesperson at any store that sells Goodyear commercial tires and qualify for 20-45% off all Goodyear, Goodyear Marathon, and Dunlop tires and retreads.

The roadside assistance feature gives Convoy customers access to Goodyear’s Fleet HQ Roadside Service, 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

“We’re here at MATS to learn more about carriers and other things they need and want,” Forecki said. “We are going to continue to announce new partnerships and continue partnering with shippers on data insights to help everybody operate more efficiently.”

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