Continental offers VDO Roadlog training videos

Continental offers VDO Roadlog training videos

Continental has released three new videos that explain the features and advantages of its VDO RoadLog Fleet Online web-based fleet management software. The videos are titled “What is VDO RoadLog Fleet Online,” “What does RoadLog Fleet Online cost,” and “How to run your business with Fleet Online.”

The new videos explain how VDO RoadLog Fleet Online software works and how it can benefit fleets of any size, according to the company. Multiple product features are shown in a tutorial style format. The videos feature live screen-capture from VDO RoadLog Fleet Online, so that users can get a feel for the software’s operation.

View the new VDO RoadLog videos:









Alexis Capelle, Continental’s ELD program manager, noted, “We created this video series to help familiarize potential customers with the VDO RoadLog Fleet Online system. In addition to their concerns about the mandate and its implications, drivers and fleet managers are also overwhelmed with the number of ELD service providers. With this video series, we hope to help them become comfortable with the VDO RoadLog Fleet Online system.”

According to the company, VDO RoadLog is one of the first stand-alone ELDs offered in North America. RoadLog combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can either download or print out as needed, the company added.

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