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Continental VDO RoadLog ELD Photo: Continental
The VDO RoadLog Trade In - Trade Up Promotion gives a $100 rebate to existing ELD owners who make the switch to the VDO RoadLog ELD.

Continental cuts prices on ELD devices

Continental said it has reduced the price on VDO RoadLog ELD and VDO RoadLog ELD Plus devices.

“Our new pricing structure offers today’s truckers a very affordable and sensible option for their ELD needs. For the same price they would typically pay for an unreliable and potentially troublesome ‘bring your own device’ solution, our customers will get a dedicated, hard-wired ELD,” said Jay McCarthy, Continental’s VDO RoadLog marketing manager.

McCarthy also said owner-operators and fleets are having a hard time maintaining compliance with some basic devices. As a result, Continental has cut prices as a way to encourage them to reconsider their ELD choices.

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