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MCMS Photo: Sean Kilcarr/American Trucker
The black triangular shape above the truck cab door is the MirrorEye camera system.

Camera system that replaces truck mirrors available for testing

Supplier seeks truck operators willing to put its tech through field trials.

Stoneridge, Inc., which produces the MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS), said it is expanding its evaluation trials for the system. Truck operator interesting in testing

MirrorEye’s technology package – which replaces a truck's mirrors with integrated external digital cameras and digital monitors inside the cab – should visit

Stoneridge’s goal is to achieve a one or two hour install for its CMS package and a one year payback time frame. There is no pricing yet on the system and trucks must continue to retain their current side-view mirrors in order to remain DOT legal.

"We have been conducting MirrorEye CMS fleet trials for the past year as we prepare to launch in North America," said Stephen Fox, vice president, business development, Stoneridge. "After conducting very successful fleet trials, we are prepared to offer this advanced vision and safety solution to a greater number of fleets for evaluation."

He said the benefits of the MirrorEye system include blind spot reduction, night vision, trailer panning, plus expanded fields of view.

"We understand that each fleet is unique, however, they all share safety as a common goal," continued Fox. "We recognize the importance of providing fleets with the opportunity to evaluate MirrorEye CMS. The benefits of the system when compared to traditional mirrors are tangible and the number of fleets expressing interest is rapidly increasing."

Additionally, while North American fleets are currently legally required to have physical mirrors, the aerodynamics of removing them in European trucks has demonstrated a fuel cost savings of roughly 2% to 3% per year, Fox said, which – in addition to the significant safety benefits – can help improve a truck operator's bottom line.

“The barrier we have is building confidence in video mirrors in North America,” he added during a press event at the recent Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting in Atlanta. “Trucks can already use cameras like this in Europe.”

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