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An AOBRD option to meet ELD deadline

Adopting AOBRDs now gives truckers an extra two years to make ELD transition, according to Gorilla Safety.

Software and safety system provider Gorilla Safety is rolling out what it calls an affordable AOBRD technology package to help ensure truckers meet the December 18 electronic logging device (ELD) deadline.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will allow use of AOBRDs – short for “automatic on-board recording devices” and  considered “predecessor technology” to ELDs – for the next two years, from December 18, 2017 to December 16, 2019, on the condition that an AOBRD is installed prior to the effective date of the mandate; that is, before December 18 this year.

A “grandfathered” AOBRD is considered to be a device that motor carriers installed and required its drivers to use before the agency established the ELD mandate, explained Mark Walton, co-founder and CEO at Gorilla Safety.  

“Many of the largest fleets will be operating with AOBRDs over the next two years, and our AOBRD affords owner operators this same opportunity, leveling the playing field for all,” he added.

Gorilla Safety is offering its AOBRD for $10 per month, including hardware, with a typical turnaround time of approximately three to four weeks.

Walton added that he believes this offering is “an ideal choice” for the owner-operator because they grapple with costs and operational burdens associated with many of the ELDs out there today.

“Our AOBRD is very simple to install, keeps drivers compliant and helps them transition more easily,” he explained. “We are confident that by helping facilitate the transition to the ELD mandate through our AOBRD, fleets will be more confident, comfortable and well prepared.”

While an AOBRD is important in that it will aid in the transition time allotted to move from current paper logs to an ELD, the use of AOBRDs in this manner only applies to current vehicles within the fleet, Walton pointed out.

FMCSA rules state that if any new vehicles are purchased or put into service during this two-year period, those will require adherence to the new ELD mandate.

Essentially, AOBRD reduces the restrictions and allows fleets to operate more freely as they take the time to transition to the new ELD requirements, in a cost effective manner, Walton noted.

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