'Top Gun' training prepares truckers for 'tactical threats'

'Top Gun' training prepares truckers for 'tactical threats'

In cab camera system, video review help reduce collision costs 80%

To better prepare and protect drivers in the “war zone” conditions on the highways these days, one fleet is turning to training that is part “Top Gun,” part NFL quarterback. And cameras, along with detailed reviews of in-cab video, are the keys to reducing accidents and related costs.

Rob Arbeiter, safety director for waste hauler Custom Ecology Inc. (CEI), says he uses Lytx DriveCam in-cab video clips automatically captured during hard braking and other safety incidents to conduct “pre-flight” and “post-flight” briefings for CEI’s drivers.

“We’re looking for little things that will help us eliminate accidents, protect our drivers, and save money,” he explains.

Arbeiter adds that such video “analysis” is also commonly used in sports, which is one way he “sells” the concept to his fleet’s drivers.

“What’s the first thing you see an NFL quarterback doing when he leaves the field? He goes over the sideline, picks up a Microsoft Surface tablet computer, and start reviewing video of the previous plays,” he emphasizes. “We look at you, the truck driver, as a professional going out and facing non-professionals every day. And this is how we’re going to make you a better driver as well as protect you.”

More details about CEI’s 80% reduction in collision-related costs are included the story over on the FleetOwner.com side of the web.

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