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Some 73 of the students polled said they donrsquot feel safe at the intersections near their school
<p>Some 73% of the students polled said they don&rsquo;t feel safe at the intersections near their school.</p>

School time requires sharper roadway safety focus

Report indicates intersections near schools need more traffic safety attention.

Truckers know by instinct that they need to drive slower and pay closer attention to the roadway environment when operating their equipment around schools.

Yet the roadway intersections they’re driving through in and around schools may not be designed as well as possible to maximize safety – and that’s according to observations by schoolchildren themselves.

That comes from an analysis of data collected by students as part of a “Teen Road Safety Assessment” initiative (Teen RSA) compiled by the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and insurance giant State Farm.

More than 1,000 students in 71 schools in 22 states across the country conducted Teen RSAs last year to examine potential roadway and intersection dangers near their schools and reported their results to FCCLA. Some of the findings from those polls include: 

  • 73% of students said they don’t feel safe at the intersections near their school.
  • 40% of schools reported that their school pedestrian crosswalks were not painted properly (29 out of 71)
  • 47% of schools reported that their crosswalk signals did not allow an adequate amount of time to safely cross the street (34 out of 71)
  • Only 9% of schools reported to have crossing guards at intersections (7 out of 71)
  • Only 19% of areas near schools were properly marked as school zone areas (14 out of 71)

“Engaging with youth about road safety is imperative to ensuring that students feel safe as they prepare for the start of the 2017-2018 school year,” noted Sandra Spavone, executive director of FCCLA, in a statement. 

“Now that these students have observed first-hand the potential dangers at these intersections, they are asking their communities to protect them by making the intersections safer,” she added.

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