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Dash Cam of the Week: No. No. No.

Dash Cam of the Week: No. No. No.

It's been idiots as usual on the highways lately, if the Dash Cam of the Week staff’s perusal of YouTube is any indication. Fortunately, professional truck drivers were on hand to make sure the other drivers (of a passenger bus, a motorcycle, and a car, respectively) were able to continue on their merry ways. Be safe out there, because it’s obvious the other guy’s not.

In this clip, an auto-hauler loaded with straight-from-the-factory Teslas has to take the shoulder as a Bay Area passenger bus swoops across a couple of lanes of traffic headed for an exit. Could Tesla’s auto-pilot system have handled the truck any better? We don’t think so.

We’re speechless, although the motorcyclist featured below has plenty to say (just not in English). We’re guessing he’s psyching himself up for the really dumb stunt he’s about to try on a crowded public freeway. Personal video cameras and the quest for YouTube glory are getting people hurt. This guy got lucky.

The truckers in the clips above probably would’ve liked the change to share their thoughts, as this trucker in Europe did after a four-wheeler attempted a really dumb pass in close quarters. Note the car’s hasty retreat.

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