ELD in cab File photo
An ELD (upper right) inside a truck cab.

Survey: ELD compliance hits 97% as full enforcement begins

CarrierLists’ three-week moving average for compliance also jumped to 93%.

As full enforcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate began on April 1, an ongoing poll conducted by CarrierLists indicated that ELD compliance rates during the final week before the deadline spiked six points to 97%, pushing the survey’s three-week moving average up five points to 93%. 

“It looks like there was a final push from both small and regional fleets in the final two weeks before the April 1 deadline,” noted Kevin Hill, the president and founder of CarrierLists.

Last month, Hill noted in an interview that “three categories” of truckers had always “lagged the field” regarding ELD compliance: smaller fleets, regional operators and dry bulk haulers. Back in March, he noted that fleets operating under 20 trucks were at 85% ELD compliance compared to 98% for fleets running over 20 trucks.

One reason for the rapid changed as the reality of what will happen to drivers and fleets not in compliance with the rule, Hill pointed out.

“From this point forward, all drivers not using ELD devices are at risk of being put out of service for 10 hours,” he explained. “Any further violations will include another 10 hours out of service along with monetary penalties, plus hits to their CSA [Compliance, Safety, Accountability] scores. 

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