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Roadcheck 2015: Tips and tricks from an inspector, truckers

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 28th annual International Roadcheck, billed as the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, takes place this Tuesday through Thursday. The emphasis this year will be on cargo securement, and a “checklist for drivers” is available for download from CVSA. Even better, we’ve got some inside tips from a long-time inspector—and some driver reaction to those tips.

After a long career in law enforcement, including 11 years inspecting trucks, Andy Blair now operates DOT Checkups, a York, Pennsylvania company that fleets hire to inspect their trucks before they hit the road. He conducts 300 to 400 inspections of all levels every year.

His five inspection insights went viral after being published last month on the Fleet Owner side of the Web. We’re using them again here, along with some driver comments gleaned from recent truck stop conversations. 

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