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Carr fire YouTube
Firefighters battle a wildfire near Redding, CA.

FMCSA issues waiver for truckers helping battle wildfires

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued an emergency declaration that temporarily exempts truckers in the western United States from many existing regulations if they are involved in relief efforts from the widespread wildfires and extreme heat.

Many truckers have been needed to assist with the emergency conditions throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. That includes transporting supplies, equipment, and people to battle some of the costliest wildfires on record.

FMCSA’s notice states that “if the driver informs the motor carrier that he or she needs immediate rest, the driver must be permitted at least 10 consecutive hours off duty before the driver is required to return to the motor carrier's terminal or the driver's normal reporting location.” 

The current exemption will last until Aug. 31, FMCSA said, and could be extended.

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