Continental certifies VDO Roadlog ELDs

Continental certifies VDO Roadlog ELDs

Continental has announced that its VDO RoadLog ELD and VDO RoadLog ELD Plus meet compliance requirements for the FMCSA mandate that becomes effective Dec. 18. VDO RoadLog has been self-certified by Continental and is listed on the FMCSA list of registered ELDs.

“VDO RoadLog is not only in 100% compliance with the current FMCSA rule, but also will stay in compliance as the rule’s technical specifications change in the future,” says Alexis Capelle, Continental Corporation ELD program manager,. Continental will continue to provide free, on-going software upgrades to meet future regulatory requirements as they are released by FMCSA.”

VDO RoadLog ELDs and software meet the rule’s standards for hardware, software, connectivity methods and integration with the vehicle’s engine, as well as tamper-resistance. VDO RoadLog is compatible with both modern CAN-bus vehicles and older vehicles with no data ports.

VDO RoadLog ELD is one of the first stand-alone ELDs available in North America, according to Continental. It features a built-in printer that prints out the driver’s log at the push of a button. And, unlike many other systems, the VDO RoadLog ELD is available with no monthly fees or contracts. VDO RoadLog is designed to offer a plug-and-play solution for compliance reporting that’s easy to use. It combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can either download or print out on the spot, as needed.

VDO RoadLog’s self-contained, built-in thermal printer produces a traditional logbook graph in the same ‘grid style’ as the paper logbooks that inspection officials are accustomed to seeing. The printout eliminates the need to hand over a smart phone or have the compliance officer climb onboard to read an ELD screen. 

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