Spotlight on an American Trucker: Revolving Circles Transportation Co. LLC, Memphis, TN

Spotlight on an American Trucker: Revolving Circles Transportation Co. LLC, Memphis, TN

Robert E. Carter, CEO; Joyce A. Hancock, COO

Revolving Circles Transportation Co. LLC is a specialized transportation company located in Memphis, TN. The vision of RCTC is to become the leading transportation company in North America, increasing the client base by 45% a year. RCTC has served and will continue to serve Fortune 500 and third-party logistics businesses with freight hauling and logistics management services. RCTC has more than 25 years of experience in trucking, transportation and freight hauling services. The company operates a pair of Volvo VNL tractors with dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed trailers.

Q: How are maintenance and repairs handled?  Do you stock any parts for your trucks or purchase as needed?    
A: We outsource maintenance, and we do not stock parts.

Q: What are some challenges you face with your maintenance program? How do you resolve each?
A: We haven’t had any major maintenance challenges, and we resolve maintenance issues as they occur.

Q: What do you do for your trucks and trailers to minimize downtime?   
A: We keep up with the preventive maintenance schedule to prevent downtime and set preventive maintenance intervals at 3,000 mi.

Q: How do you determine when it’s time to replace a truck/trailer?   
A: When the maintenance bill is more than the cost of new equipment, it’s time to replace it.

Q: What do you do to ensure CSA compliance for your truck/trailer?   
A: We have safety meetings and follow CSA rules.  

Q: How do you ensure good mileage from tires?  
A: We do pretrip and post-trip inspections of our tires.

Q: Do you purchase used and customize to your specs or order new?  
A: We customize to our specs.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?    
A: I enjoy family and friends as well as  the flexibility the business brings.

Q: What does your company do best?
A: Our clients depend on us to provide them with dependable service, which ensures the safe and timely delivery of their cargo. In each case, we are able to perform above and beyond each of their expectations. The satisfaction of our clients is proven to us when they continue to use our services.
At RCTC, our business model is based on delivering the best service. In order to do that, we understand our trucks and our drivers are our most important assets. We make sure our drivers have all the resources they need in order to perform at their best. In addition, we have a fleet of dependable trucks that are the best tools for their specific project.   
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