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Pro Tread app
The Pro-Tread mobile app from Instructional Technologies Inc. lets drivers continue their training on the road.

ITI takes online driver training mobile

Custom and compulsory driver training from ITI can be completed on driver's smartphones and computers with Pro-Tread.

Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) have released the Pro-Tread Mobile App. The announcement was made during the annual Safety, Security, and Human Resources National Conference and Exhibition of the ATA Safety Management Council (SMC) in Memphis, TN.

“With the Pro-Tread Mobile App, carriers are able to give drivers options for when, where and how to complete training,” said Aaron Purvis, chief technology officer of ITI. “Custom, compulsory and company-specific training from ITI can be completed on mobile devices or on a computer. This new mobile platform allows employees to meet training, safety and compliance needs with the tools fleets are already providing for ELD, routing, inventory and other fleet management needs.”

Available through the Apple app store and Google Play for Android, the Pro-Tread Mobile App is designed for drivers and warehouse employees with mobile devices. With the same simple login used for PRO-TREAD online training, access to assigned courses and available libraries is just one click away.

The Pro-Tread Mobile App is included free with Pro-Tread accounts that use the Sentix platform, ITI’s recently introduced Learning Management System (LMS) for scheduling, tracking, verifying and managing training. Centralized controls in Sentix apply simultaneously to the Mobile App and PRO-TREAD to enable:

  • Integration with management-approved app lists and on pre-configured mobile devices;
  • Lesson assignments for specific users or open access to all lesson content;
  • Instant recording of lesson starts, progress, and completion, ensuring users can continue lessons from the same point they left off either online or on their mobile devices
    Switching between online and mobile devices without losing their place in the lesson.

“The Pro-Tread Mobile App is the latest evolution of our training technology,” Purvis said. “In addition, as many ELDs and telematics are built on or for Android and iOS platforms, it makes it simple to include the Mobile App on existing fleet management devices.”

With the Pro-Tread Mobile App there are no in-app purchases or outside links. Device settings can prevent using cellular data to download or stream content and lessons are cleared from the device cache upon completion, freeing up memory space.

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