Best of both worlds

From the April 2015 edition of American Trucker Magazine

While some of you are reading this introduction to the April edition of American Trucker on a computer screen or portable device, many of you are actually holding the magazine, rather than a tablet or smartphone. 

I’d like to say thanks to everyone, of course. But I got into journalism because I liked the look and feel of glossy magazines. Then again, back in the Dark Ages—say the 1980s—the best information came from daily newspapers, weekly news magazines or, my favorites, the big, slick monthly magazines targeted at the special interests of their readers.

But I also was a tech geek who actually used email and the Internet before there was a World Wide Web or Google. I’ve been part of the desktop publishing revolution since the first Mac, and the idea that journalists could publish their work instantly, and even without a corporate infrastructure, was thrilling.

Of course, established publishers are still trying to figure out the best way to manage in “these here modern times,” as my father-in-law likes to refer to anything developed since color TV.

For myself, both as an editor and a news junkie, this is the best of times: I can create and consume on the medium that best suits both my preferences and the message.

The digital world is instant, global and often—for better or worse—unmanaged, or at least largely unfiltered. Yet I still cherish a magazine: no on/off switch, very portable, inexpensive and essentially unbreakable, and with an intuitive yet simple interface (in other words, once you’ve read one magazine, you’ll know how to read them all). 

If you misplace your copy, just a wait a couple of weeks and a new one comes out. Heck, you can even give yours away to a pal.
Most importantly, you can be sure the content is professionally gathered and presented.

Anyway, this is my rather long-winded way (sorry, not very professional of me) of saying we’re making a lot of changes at American Trucker to stay ahead of the curve, both online and in print.

Most obviously, we’ve completely redesigned the news and entertainment content portion of the website. Please give the new a look if you haven’t yet. As for the magazine, the changes will be less dramatic, although you already might have noticed our new cover and some redesigned pages. 

Going forward, our goal is simple: to deliver the information owner-operators and small fleets need to be successful. Or, to phrase it a little more casually—let’s all have a little fun, make a little money.

So while we’re still working on the new and improved American Trucker, please pardon our dust. And feel free to let us know how we’re doing.

Whether on paper or online, the reader is still my boss. 

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