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A new face

It’s been a great privilege to serve you, our readers, as Editor for the last six years – a privilege that I hope you’ll continue to welcome as I shift over to Editor-At-Large in order to welcome Kevin Jones aboard to take over the helm at American Trucker magazine.

Kevin is certainly no stranger in trucking circles, having covered this industry for nearly 10 years now for a variety of publications. 

A graduate of Stanford University who resides in Little Rock, AR, Kevin started out in newspapers before taking an opportunity to write about trucks for living left him fascinated by the inner workings of global supply chains – and the critical role owner-operators and small carriers play in making them work.

Thus he ended up spending almost a decade talking to owner-operators from across the U.S. and even a few overseas, along with the CEOs of truck makers, mega-fleets and mega-brokers, all with the same focus: Figuring out if the little guy can still compete effectively in the freight business. (Very nicely, it turns out, as he’ll tell you: If they're smart.)

In short, you’ll find Kevin’s original take on all things trucking – equipment, regulations, and politics, just to name a few subjects! – more than a little interesting. 

Kevin is simply a great addition to the American Trucker team and I’m looking forward to working with him.

So here’s a toast to Kevin and to all of you out there in the world of trucking; let’s hope 2015 brings business success and good cheer to us all.

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