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Guilty By Association preview: Sunshine and chrome

The truck stop parking lots at Exit 4 on I-44 west of Joplin were already full Friday morning as the 4 State Trucks Guilty By Association Truck Show (GBATS) got underway. With registration still open and the judging yet to begin, plenty of truckers were still finding their slots while the early birds were busy polishing chrome.

What's great about GBATS is a lot of truck owners seem to register just to get a prime parking spot in the middle of the action: The weekend is more fun for those who don't mind parking an every-day rig next to a show pony. Nor do they seem to mind lending a hand, or at least a suggestion or two, like "You missed a spot."

But, unlike other shows this summer, a good number of the show trucks proudly display grease on the fifth wheel. Of course, any truck show in the parking lot of the Chrome Shop Mafia has to have attitude.

So have a look at some shots from the show opening. More, much more, to come.

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