CAT Scale Super Trucks: Collect 'em all

To help CAT Scale celebrate the 40th anniversary of its first scale, we take a look at what’s become a trucking industry tradition: The CAT Scale Super Trucks collector cards.

Now on its 16th series with the 17th in the works, the collector cards got their start in the early 1990s. Seeing the reactions to the postcards featuring CAT Scale’s restored 1938 Kenworth, and thinking about some of the show trucks that she had seen taking part at the Walcott Truckers Jamboree, now Senior Vice President Delia Moon Meier thought putting customer trucks on cards and giving the cards away with scale tickets might be a good promotion for the company.

“We were trying to create a way to honor our customers and drivers,” she says. “People love them [the cards] and they want to be on them. They feel like celebrities. They even sign them and hand them out to kids.”

Read more about the cards and CAT Scale history on the 40th anniversary page.

The 10 cards above are selected from Series One, issued in 1994-1995. All 16 series, at 60 cards each, can be viewed here.

(All images courtesy of CAT Scale.)

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