Racor debuts new fuel filter water separator for all weather conditions

The Racor Div. of Parker Hannifin Corp. has introduced a new fuel filter water separator that is good for all weather conditions.

The GreenMax fuel filter water separator offers a heavy-duty, high capacity, fuel filter water separator. Two GreenMax fuel filters are available, part numbers 4400R1210-01 and 4400R2410-01. Both are equipped with 12VDC or 24VDC in-bowl electric heater, return fuel recirculating valve, hand primer pump, and 10 micron element.

The in-bowl electric heater helps with cold starting, Racor said. The recirculating valve uses an innovative technology that utilizes unused warm engine fuel returning to the tank to provide full flow on-demand heated fuel to the filter at full engine load.

The products feature:

  • Dual inlet/outlet ports
  • In-bowl electric heater
  • Hand priming pump
  • Return fuel recirculating valve
  • 10 micron Aquabloc element
  • Flow rate up to 150 GPH (568 LPH)
  • Approved for biodiesel fuels to B20
  • Standard water-in-fuel sensor
  • Large clear bowl for instant visual fuel quality checks
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