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EFS1 Photo: EFS

KLLM, FFE adopt EFS payment system

EFS will provide fuel cards and other services to drivers of both fleets.

Refrigerated carrier Frozen Food Express (FFE) and its parent company, KLLM Transport Services (KLLM), are moving their payroll and fuel card systems over to EFS, a WEX company.

KLLM/FFE is using the firm’s fuel card, SmartFunds payroll technology, and its EFS Mastercard single-card solution for drivers needing to fuel within the EFS truck stop network or the Mastercard network for non-fuel purchases, such as travel expenses.

The move is part of a larger trend within the fuel card space to “marry up” a variety of capabilities into a single unified system. For example, in a white paper published by Infosys, fleets expect to use fuel card data for tax reporting needs, total per vehicle “life cycle” data capture, and even vehicle fuel economy analysis.

“It was important to us that the transition have minimal impact on our current business,” said Jim Richards, KLLM’s CEO, in a statement. “EFS was able to effectively duplicate our current processes and solutions and to bring even more back-office efficiency than we were seeing previously. We appreciate the commitment EFS has already demonstrated to our team and our business.”

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