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Diesel emerges as talking point during Infrastructure Week

The latest in diesel technology gains national attention during Infrastructure Week as part of a solution to updating U.S. technology and structures.

Both local and national policymakers are considering the newest generation of clean diesel, with potential implementations in roads, rail, ports, water and sewer, bridges, energy, airports and telecoms.

Currently, approximately 850,000 vehicles using diesel move materials and workers to and from construction sites across the country.

Executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum Allen Schaeffer said diesel is a preferable option for multiple reasons.

“Building big things takes the power and durability that diesel provides and today does so at a near-zero level of emissions,” Schaeffer explained. “This newest generation of the technology not only saves fuel for equipment operators, but it also generates significant emission reductions for the communities in which this equipment operates.” 

“This latest generation of diesel technology can complete America’s must-build infrastructure quickly, helping to bring projects in on time, under budget and in an environmentally friendly manner,” Schaeffer added. “For most of these machines, there is simply no substitute for diesel power’s unique combination of features including power, performance, reliability, efficiency and now low emissions.” 

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