Utility introduces 'next-generation' flatbed

Utility introduces 'next-generation' flatbed

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. has rolled out the latest evolution of its 4000-series flatbed trailer, the 4000AE, a “next-generation” design that’s more than 500 lbs. lighter yet still as rugged as its predecessor.

“Our new 4000AE flatbed delivers the strength and long-term benefits of a durable combo trailer,” said Larry Roland, director of marketing for Utility.  “This next-generation flatbed is an evolution of the proven 4000A with a standard 47,000 lb. coil haul package and a unique 3’’ and 4” aluminum crossmember design. The 4000AE approaches the weight of an all-aluminum trailer yet is available at a combo trailer price.”

The 4000AE flatbed replaces steel crossmembers with a new patent-pending design that uses 3” and 4” aluminum crossmembers – contributing to an overall 536 lb. weight reduction while adding a standard coil haul package. Each crossmember sits in a patent-pending saddle that does not use mechanical fasteners to connect the crossmember to the steel main beams. For added stability, three tube-shaped outriggers are located on each side of the 4000AE and are connected to the aluminum crossmembers – aiding in even load distribution to the steel main beams.

The 4000AE comes standard with a 47,000 lb. coil haul package, and it’s 627 lbs. lighter than the 4000A flatbed fitted with an optional coil haul package.

Utility’s new 4000AE flatbed will be features at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas next week, or customers may contact their local Utility dealership for more information.

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