US Cargo Control expands custom nets options

US Cargo Control expands custom nets options

US Cargo Control continues to expand its manufacturing initiatives with the growth of its custom cargo nets division.

The Iowa-based company has always offered stock-sized nets for van trailers, but has recently increased its options for custom-made cargo nets. A new form on the US Cargo Control website also lets customers send a request for a price quote online.

“Expanding our options in custom cargo nets has given us the opportunity to serve some new industries, ensuring we’re able to offer those customers the features they're looking for in a net,” said Brennan Melloy, a Cargo Net Product Specialist for the company.

Options available for custom nets include 1" and 2" wide webbing, several color choices, and a range of end fittings such as E-track spring fittings, hooks, grommets, and sewn loops. Ratchets or cam buckles are incorporated as tensioning devices. The overall net dimensions and hole sizes are also determined by the customer.

The ordering process keeps the customer involved in every step to ensure the end product is exactly what the customer requested, according to the company.

“Once we receive an order, we create a detailed digital spec sheet for the customer’s approval before we start the manufacturing process,” Melloy says. “It’s just another step we take in serving our customer to make sure we’re getting them the product they want.”

For more information on custom nets made-to-order, or stock-sized cargo nets, visit the company’s Cargo Nets category, or call the Cargo Nets division at 888-794-1319.

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