Truckers put Minimizer Long Haul Series seats to test

Truckers put Minimizer Long Haul Series seats to test

DALLAS. Minimizer no longer wants to be known just as “the indestructible fender guys,” explained Jason Rhoads, the company’s marketing director, in a press event at the Great American Trucking Show—and he then presented the company’s newest product addition, the Long Haul Series truck seat system, to make his point.

The premium-level, lifetime-warranty seat, announced last month, was the centerpiece of the Minimizer presence here, a display area that emphasized the aftermarket supplier’s broader focus on “an array of best-in-class products that are in the truck, around truck, and help you fix the truck.”

Encouraging the drivers on hand to take the seat for a simulated test drive—and to continue to submit ideas for additional Minimizer offerings—Rhoads noted the most valuable thing any truck will ever haul sits in that driver's seat. Referring to the brand’s tag line, he added that Minimizer is not going to put its name on a product that’s not “tested and tortured.”

The Long Haul Series is also part of Minimizer's new "Respect the Driver" industry awareness push.

For a full explanation of the 14 standard adjustments and 3 optional features, see the video below.

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